Install a Matrix (Hello World)

While new innovation and technology can sometimes be overwhelming - The Desktop Matrices are quite easy to install and operate. The steps below apply to any Matrix you wish to install and remember access to all Matrix technology is enabled by subscribing and registering to the Matrix via the Registration Matrix.

When getting started remember that the Matrix Desktop OS runs from within a Disk Image file. You download the disk image, open it (mount the disk image by double clicking it), and then you run the Matrix Apps right from within the mounted disk image. To close the Matrix, simply close the disk image (eject or unmount the disk image).

Below are the instructions for installing any MATRIX DISK IMAGE, starting with the canonical "HelloWorld Matrix". HelloWorld is a Matrix to familiarize yourself with the primitives of using a Matrix and all its respective attributes. It is a simple introduction to using a Matrix on your desktop and learning the basics of Matrix Information Management including Rip, Tack, Index, Search, etc.

We recommend getting familiar with HelloWorld prior to downloading other Matrices. Below are the intructions to download and run the latest release of HelloWorld. Other Matrices will be released via the new "Plugin Store" which opens this week and all Matrices have the same general form of HelloWorld. Enjoy.

Note that especially on MacOS 10.14, security prompts often occur when opening files downloaded from the Internet. Right-Click Open is an alternative to opening a disk image if you find that just executing the image is not enough to fully open it.

Download the HelloWorld Disk Image

Verify that your MacOS is 10.12 or higher.

Download the current "Hello World Matrix" release by clicking HERE

The downloaded file is named: HelloWorld.sparseimage

We recommend dragging the HelloWorld.sparseimage file to your desktop.

Mount the Matrix Disk Image

Double click on the HelloWorld.sparseimage file to mount the disk image.

Your disk image will mount and expose the Collection, Plugin, and if appropriate, the Bot applications.

If the Disk Image does not AUTO OPEN on your system after mounting, just look for the image in the sidebar of Finder.

Always leave the Matrix Applications inside the Disk Image. Matrix Apps will not run if you move the files outside of the Virtual Disk.

Play around and Enjoy

Practice opening and closing the disk image just to get comfortable with this new environment.

Test drive the application and know that any data you create is safely stored in your disk image on your computer.

And of course, via the Apps, start to learn the most basic motion of the Matrix which is referred to as "Tack & Rip".

Putting data on the Matrix backbone for sharing or transport is called "Tacking" and taking data off the Matrix Backbone is called "Ripping".

Register your Matrix

Tacking & Ripping are operations used when you want to put your data "in flight" for the purposes of sharing or exchanging. Most of the time with the Matrix, your data is NOT in flight and that's where your Information Collection comes into play.

Use the Registration Plugin to subscribe to the Matrix. Once you have your registered Matrix ID, just let us know if you want access to other Matrices as they become available thru the alias.

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