The Matrix Computing Platform

Innovation in Privacy, Trust, Security and Modern Computing

For those of you interested in stuff a little more "under the hood", this page is for you. The Matrix is a new computing platform built from scratch with a clean canvas design approach. The Matrix World includes its own vocabulary to describe new computer science patterns and habits on the Matrix.

Over time all of this will hopefully be described as "obvious" in the future. That means we did our job right. Here we begin to introduce you to the inner workings of the platform.

Cyber Trust
Matrix Virtual Identity

Trust on the Matrix starts with a strong Virtual User Identity. Registration on the Matrix for full access requires a user's "Real Name" be verified with the system. Note that on the Matrix, anonymity and privacy are orthogonal concepts. User Identity is NOT stored centrally on the Matrix nor is any user information kept online on the Internet with the Matrix Platform.

The Matrix User ID is a cypher file held exclusively by the user for the protection of the user and the integrity of the trust system. The MXID is a "bearer identity" which allows decentralized authenticated access to the Matrix.

Cyber Privacy
The Matrix Network

The Matrix Network is built on top of LARC's patented Digital Dead Drop Network architecture (DDN). While a DDN is a singular technology atom, it enables or roots many functional forms including Data Exchange, Data Storage, FireWall, and Service Integration infrastructure/functionality.

The DDN is what allows data, network paths, and communications to run on virtual circuits that are independent of each other, disposable, and invisible to all.

Cyber Privacy is implemented on the Matrix utilizing new form "Privacy Algorithms" (as opposed to just encryption algorithms) that we continue to extrapolate.

Cyber Security
Traditional & New Encryption

The Matrix Platform allows users to create and utilize their own encryption keys and secret sentences. The Matrix does not have a central "Account-Login" system of legacy/traditional systems. On the Matrix, security-trust-privacy work together to provide the highest level of safe harbor computing. While security and privacy are two different concepts on the Matrix, they are indeed tightly coupled.

Security (encryption) comes in many forms on the Matrix - some old, some new. Traditional encryption is supported on the Matrix, albeit the user controls all the keys.

New Matrix Security includes various forms of Ceasar Cyphers in conjunction with data payload splitting, chunking, haystacking and TTLs. Encryption is augmented on the Matrix by utilization of multiple varied invisible circuits to transfer multi-key or multi-part key payloads. Additional OOB key/payload/password chaining & sequencing provides extreme security and privacy tolerances.

The Matrix Super Router
The Matrix Internet Backbone

Matrix Super Routers can be deployed publicly or privately. In either case, Matrix Super Routers can be utilized as a Private Information Router, a highly secure Data Storage point or cache, a VPN, a FW and even a document FW.

In the capacity of a Standard Matrix Router Configuration, the Router supports extremely secure, private and invisible data transfers, exchanges, and transactions. A super router is quite the opposite of a "Cloud Node" in that a Super Router's job is repel data and keep it off the public wire as best as possible. By managing information "off the wire", the super router becomes kingpin to preventing data breaches and leaks.

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