The Matrix Collection

The Matrix really refers to a collective of individual Matrices. Each Matrix has its own unique purpose, but every Matrix has the same primary structure.

Every Matrix includes a data management component, an application component, and an automation engine (aka Bots). An individual Matrix has its own Virtual Image Container Environment, has access to the Matrix Internet Backbone, and maintains the virtual Identity of its owner.

Registered Matrix Users have access to any of LARC's released Matrices. While most users would not utilize or need every Matrix, certain combinations of Matrices are very natural for all to utilize (for instance, The Base Matrix plus 51 plus Spider).

Over the coming months the following Matrix Collection will be released to registered users. Matrix Registration is an annual subscription fee of $21(USD). Matrix Identities are provisioned as part of the registration process.

LARC will keep everyone posted on new Matrix releases and availabity of respective Matrix Plugin Applications via LARC.COM and on the MATRIX itself.

The Matrix
The Personal Matrix

A personal information Matrix (PIM) for every day use.

Supports personal data creation (notes, links, MEBs, todos, etc) and indexing.

Handles small data and heavy data equally with total control and ownership in the User's hands.

A list of plugins that supports messaging, exhanging, sharing across the Matrix Internet with extreme Privacy capability.

Matrix Systems Management

The Matrix of Utilities:

Supports Matrix Disk Image creation, management, and cloning.

Handles Matrix software updates and data clean up activities.

Provides integration facilities between Matrices (Inter-Matrix Application Support)

Private, Public, Group, Social Networking

A Matrix to house communication, publication, and group functionality.

Supports rational social, commercial, and private information networking.

Includes "Gravities" for Matrix Documentation, Press Releases, and Updates.

A Matrix for Family

A safe harbor of computing for families and children.

Parents authorize M22 usage on behalf of their children as appropriate.

Provides digital protections respective to content, communications, and accessibility.

The Matrix for extreme Privacy

The home of Matrix "Tunneling" applications.

Supports creation of digital Matrix Vaults.

Provides highest levels of data privacy by minimizing time data is exposed on the public wire.

Experimental: Banking & Currency

MXHD is currently in its experimental phase with possible public beta in Q1 of 2019. MXHD is part of the Matrix Human Dollar (Matrix Currency) initiative. If interested in participating in future Betas please send a note with your Matrix ID to

Spider Hardware Integration
Matrix Information Longevity

The first Spider device supports Matrix Virtual Disk backup and Spider data sharing.

The Spider Matrix houses applications exclusively targeted at Spider Class devices. Spiders are super routers and support both data storage and data transport functionality.

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