The LARC Story

LARC, The Los Altos Research Center, has been innovating on Matrix Technology for the last seven years. This experience has yielded incredible Matrix innovation, new computing patterns and philosophies, modernized engineering techniques, and extremely forward looking design principles and goals. This Matrix journey represents far more than technology and in many ways has resulted in a retro-modern-old school-futuristic platform for all generations.

The Matrix design has certainly been impacted (driven) by all the now obvious legacy "Internet failures, breaks, and short-comings"; but additionally the Matrix has been developed with an open eye to true innovation, rational design, and sometimes a "blind eye" to what the current Internet has become over the last 30 years.

As we deploy the Matrix to the world, we are anxious and hopefull to watch the Matrix enable innovation, open thinking, and collaboration with everyone. Now it's time to share this story, this journey, and this technology with everyone. We invite you to join our push forward, enjoy the Matrix and embrace the future!

About Us

LARC is a small group of serial-rodeo software entrepreneurs who love to innovate with software and hardware. This group of engineers has fixed the Internet. With that behind them, they now have their sights set on changing the world... for the better, of course.

LARC's extended family (Supporters, Customers, Investors, Advisors, and other friends) is by far the BEFE. I know every start up claims that, but in this case - it's absolutely true. The LARC-Matrix Family thanks you and this Matrix is especially for you!

Cyber Sanity

It's 2018 and our "Popular Computing Technology" is straight out of the 90's (and in some cases well before that). The Matrix and the people behind it are about innovating on technology and just as important - about revolutioning, modernizing, and rationalizing our forward technology journey which should never stop, nor pause, always evolving.

Our philosophy, design thinking, and the way we have fun is to focus on what can be done, what should be done, what can be done better, and what should be done differently... which puts the fun back into our daily lives and technology. In a strange way, we hope that the Matrix makes you feel uncomfortable...because the "comfy old ways" of our tech industry just doesn't cut it any more.

In today's world we are inundated with more information than ever and targeted with "scams-breaches-leaks-wasters" daily. You know it's bad when you waste hours of your day accommodating stale technology and irrational habits. We are simply at a stand still with current technology and the often irrational business models that have piled on to the problem. Our tech world, relative to 2018, is simply not sane. We have an acronym that describes our current situtation, it's called "SILE".

Enter the Matrix...

The Matrix is all about innovation, modernization, privacy, security, trust, productivity, collaboration, fun and a whole lot of Cyber Sanity. Embrace the change, enjoy the Matrix and enjoy the technology ride once again.

New Innovation

You can imagine how many times we've been asked the following questions:

"Well, what's it like?"
"Is it kind of like"
"Is this Web 7.0?"
"Is this the Internet 2.0?"
"Does it run on the PalmPilot?"
"Are the Cubs going to win the WS this year?"

The Matrix is from the ground up true, new innovation and technlogy developed, and in many cases patented, by LARC. There are no "derivative works" here. It's been a while since we've seen real new innovation deployed in the general computing space. We've seen many deritive works, rebranded works, and replays... but not "new".

The Matrix is composed of new security algorithms, new privacy algorithms, a whole new type of authentication system (aka trust system), new digital transport patterns, new data storage methods, new user application models, new interface design, a new data center design, new hardware innovation, and a whole new style of doing things.

It's simply new.

Human tendency often draws us to comparison as a way to understand new concepts; and the Matrix is composed of ingredients in part learned from our past and in part speculated for our future. However, when revolutionary, new technology comes our way - in some cases there is no good singular comparison to draw on - and that's the case with the Matrix.

To understand the Matrix, is to use it. To use the Matrix, is to be part of a computing revolution. To revolutionize is now easy. Enjoy the Matrix, that's why it exists.

Stay in Touch

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